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Jeff’s Tree Service provide a wide range of tree services to Tri Valley Area CA and the surrounding areas, including tree removal, chipping – on site, pruning, mulching, tree surgery, emergency tree work, and stump removal. Jeff’s Tree Service have over 24 years experience in the tree services field, servicing clients within the Tri Valley Area CA. Jeff’s Tree Service has the expertise to assist you with all your tree services requirements.
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California Contractor Licence #717379 and  ISA Certified arborist #WE – 9242A
Jeff's Tree Service
San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone: (925) 829-0875

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Jeff's Tree Service - leader in the industry Tree Service – Jeff’s Tree Service are experienced, professional and friendly tree surgeons who can help you with all your tree services needs. As well as any training and any maintenance programmes. No job is too small or too big.Please contact us if you would like a free estimate/ no obligation quote. We are based in Tri Valley Area CA and have a wide range of clients from housing associations, schools, homeowners with one or two trees and construction companies.

Professional trimming services Tree Trimming – Jeff’s Tree Service offers full scale tree trimming services to both private home owners and to corporate businesses throughout Tri Valley Area CA and the surrounding area. We are as involved as the client needs us to be. Whether is as simple as planting the clients chosen tree or developing a complete tree management plan for your residential or commercial property we are the right choice for clients.

Quick and safe tree removalTree Removal – We have extensive experience in the safe dismantling and removal of all types of trees. This includes dead and diseased trees or those which need to be replaced with more suitable species because of the damage they are causing or the potential dangers they present. Although we specialize in large, complex and dangerous trees we are equally efficient at removing any size tree in any location whether that is in an extremely confined space between 2 buildings or in the middle of a vacant block or park. There are many different techniques involved in this process and much of choice comes down to the size and location of the tree as well as the obstacles that are around it such as buildings and service wires.


The finest way to remove your stumpsStump Grinding – Once we have removed a tree, the stump that remains is often ground out using a stump grinder. This is a hydraulically driven machine of various different sizes that has a spinning wheel on the front with teeth that grind the stump into little pieces of mulch. As it does so it mixes with the surrounding soil so you are left with a mixture of soil and very fine mulch. This is often left to settle over next couple weeks to fill the hole where the stump was and any excess spread around the garden or can be removed if required. Jeff’s Tree Service are specialists in stump removal. Residents in Tri Valley Area CA trust Jeff’s Tree Service to do all their Stump Removal jobs. Our many happy customers in Tri Valley Area CA are testament to our good work. We areteam of experienced professionals with 24 years of experience so you will always be speaking to somebody who knows exactly what they are talking about.

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Highly recommended.

Professional and friendly. We were very happy with Jeff's Tree Service as we really needed a qualified Arborist and we weren't happy with the advice we had received from a couple of other non-qualified people. Jeff's Tree Service truly delivered and we have since used them for pruning and tree removal on a couple of our properties and have referred them to several friends. Highly recommended.

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