Stump Removal in San Ramon

We undertake jobs of all sizes, both commercial and domestic, providing tree stump removal, stump grinding, and root removal services. We are able to do tree stump removal in cases of restricted access. We work with tree surgeons, landscape gardeners, property developers, and local councils. Estimates can be given over the phone, however some jobs are best quoted in person. Urgent/emergency call-out service is available. After a tree has been removed the unsightly tree trunk protruding above the surface will be visible for quite some time (until decay sets in essentially).

Stump removal solutions from Jeff's Tree ServiceJeff’s Tree Service offer a Tree removal and stump removal service at very competitive rates. See next pages for further details. The stump grinder reduces the tree stump to a pile of wood chips mixed with the soil. It removes the stump together with major supporting roots directly adjacent to the stump; other roots will remain within the soil. Arising debris will usually be left in situ unless otherwise agreed.

Tree stump removal is a highly specialized job that requires the correct equipment and expertise. At Jeff’s Tree Service our professional, experienced staff are trusted experts in stump grinding, and we equip them with only the best machinery and safety equipment. Of course, when we remove an unwanted tree as well as its stump, tree grinding is part of the process.
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